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Since 1949, we’ve helped hundreds of warehouse owners increase their storage capacities without adding a single square meter of floor space.

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Build The Perfect Storage Facilities From Design To Delivery

Complete Warehouse Facilty Design And Execution

Warehouse Technologies specializes in facility design, both green field and brown field (modifying or retrofitting existing facilities). Our team works closely with clients to fully understand their requirements to ensure that the facility enables clients to carry out their daily operation efficiently and effectively. The design of the facility is based on quantifying the requirements from receiving to dispatch. Design aspects that are considered include:

  • Rack type per product group
  • Sprinkler protection
  • Pick and replenishment processes applied
  • Material Handling Equipment required
  • On/off grade loading and offloading
  • Warehouse aspect ratio
  • Vehicle flow on site and queuing and truck staging requirements
  • Gate house and security
  • Product returns
  • Pallet bank
  • Waste handling
  • Inbound and outbound marshalling areas
  • Battery bay
  • Offices
  • Staff & visitor parking
  • Potential for expansion
  • Manufacturing
Cost-Saving Design Features
Project Certifications and Agreements

Create the perfect storage space for your small to medium sized items with our steel and timber shelves.

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